"I simply cannot live without connecting to my home and garden as spiritual friends. These relationships feed my soul, my body, my mind, my heart. And here is a beautiful community of like-minded friends who have common interests intertwined with home and garden: art, cooking, healing, home and garden design, sustainability and a love for the Earth and its creatures." Peggy Greenleaf St. Clair

What friends have to say:

"Reading peggystclair.com each week is like going on vacation. I feel like I've been away, and so peaceful." --F. Patrick

"I just finished reading your last two blogs and so enjoyed them.  I am looking forward to each week...or two when I get busy... of Peggy St. Clair's musings on the garden!" --- S. Kathman

"Love your wonderful blog...you keep me connected to the earth, hopeful for spring with your wonderful writing and entertaining videos. --- Josa

"The Artwork and writing help melt the winters frost off my 'negative news' bombarded soul."-- Anonymous

"You write beautifully from your heart and soul and that touches my heart and soul.  Thank you!"-- Jeanne

"So lovely. I read the blog and really appreciate the wonderful journey you are on.  Thanks for the update."-- Sallie