“Speak to the Earth, and it shall teach thee.” Job 12:8

Through my ordinary days, I listen to what the Earth and all of Creation- as they are imbued by Spirit- are saying to me. I share those messages with you that you might be inspired, encouraged and enabled to find your own authentic center.

More about me:

Somehow I begin with my cup of tea, and simply step outside for a minute to check on the weather, or peek out into the garden, and the next thing you know I’m caught up by the morning light, or the breeze, or something beautiful that is blooming. In the winter, it’s a warmer robe and yellow garden boots, and out I go to feed the birds. It is not always a pleasant scene: the deer may have decimated something, or a little creature may be left on the porch by the cats. But it is simply a meditative way to begin the day grounded and connected to something bigger than myself, and to remember myself in the greater scheme of things.

And I say:
It is a gift to be here on Earth, to be living in my skin, at this very moment in time. It is a gift to breathe the morning air, and be thankful that the green Earth is giving me clean oxygen to take in. It is a gift to participate in the seasons, and watch the wonder of it all just out my windows and doors. It is a gift to hear the bird call and the squirrels scampering up the trees. It is a gift to take in the Silence when it is all around me.

It is also my joy to write and speak about the privileges, responsibilities, and challenges of living in the 21st century from a gardener’s perspective, and know that this sacred little piece of Earth is here waiting for me each day.

I’ve been an only child, a college student, a teacher, a wife, a young mother, a divorced young mother, a writer, and a wife of a second marriage. I’ve been a Presbyterian, and an Episcopalian, and have lived through the dark night of the soul. I’ve lost both of my parents; I am an orphan, except for the wonderful love of my husband, my children, and a fantastic community of friends.

Through all of that change, and all of its ups and downs, this good green Earth has refreshed me, lifted my depression and sadness countless times, provided food and flowers for my body and soul, and left me awed at the way it draws me closer to God.

These great gifts compel me to write, and share them with others. Especially now when it appears that so much is at stake here on Earth, both individually and collectively.

It is my hope that this site will offer some practical ideas to create the life you have longed for and provide encouragement and hope that there are these lovely gardeners out in the world who are here to help us through the next days ahead. It is this community of women and men whom I hope to introduce, intertwined with my own stories.

So grab a cup of tea, or coffee, and dig in for a few moments. You can even wear your bathrobe! Let’s see how much we can grow...  

What I've Achieved


Peggy Greenleaf St. Clair is a
public speaker, writer, and teacher. She currently lives in Cincinnati, OH.

After serving as Director of Education at the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati, she founded the publication called, Gardener’s Network. She represented over 60 non profit green groups in the greater Cincinnati area, and had the support of nearly seventy advertisers. During this time she also wrote a weekly gardening column for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Since then she has written her first book whose working title is, “Our Path: Gardening for Life.”

Since October 2009, Peggy has written a weekly blog on her website, peggystclair.com She makes monthly appearances on Fox, Channel 19 as their garden expert. She has also written and read garden stories for WVXU radio.

Her latest project, whose seed money has been funded by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio is a Jazz CD blending stories of gardening, spirituality and original jazz. The project is slated to be finished in 2017.